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Here you can find nearly everything that my mixed-genre* tracker music project Efenstor (1994-2005) ever produced, including some never-before-released material.

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If you prefer a physical CD you can buy one at my page on CDBaby**.

All the files released under the CC BY-SA License, read it carefully!

* The spectrum of genres ranges from pop to metal, sometimes with a lot of folk influences and heavy orchestration. The genres vary from song to song, depending on what is needed to make a particular composition more a "thing in itself".

** If there's nothing left in stock - sorry, the quantity of the CDs printed was very small and won't be replenished ever.

My active projects:

Lesnoy Tanets - Neoromantic progressive folk music project
Old Song - Melodic electronica side-project
My writings in the Samizdat magazine (in Russian)
Kamassian Dictionary - Kamassian-Russian dictionary

Inactive projects:

Theodor Kittlesen - Gallery of a great Norwegian painter
Venera-13/14 Videos - Videos from the Venusian landing probes
Stratopoint Software - My former shareware company
Chukchi Phrasebook - Scans of a Russian-Chukchi phrasebook

I am no longer present at YouTube, Flickr, Panoramio and other social networks as I prefer not to trust their privacy policies. Although these might be quite strict nowadays, the sheer amount of private information they are able to collect may put anyone's life in danger in the future. I prefer not to be a part of this game.

Pal'ar Magata Elel'ma esaro Tisata afama!
May the Magic of Elel' fill away thy soul!

My public PGP key for efenstor@efenstor.net